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This page lists great pubs showing KFC Big Bash League on TV near you. To find one of these cricket celebrating venues just scroll down and click a fixture. This simple yet important action will then deliver to you, right in front of your very eyes, a selection of venues near you that are showing the Big Bash live in their sports bar. Dreamy. There are some handy filters you can use to narrow down the selection to better suit your needs like filtering for outdoor screens for example? Want to see some of our picks for the best cricket pubs in this fine land? Have a crack at this little ripper - best pubs showing cricket. 

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T20 Big Bash League

We love short-form cricket. A hell for leather scrap that sees the big hitters connect or have the furniture dismantled. The Big Bash has gone from strength to strength and more and more pubs are showing the Big Bash games live and loud. The ambience of a pub is perfect for cricket. A few brews in the first innings, a meal at the break and a few after to enjoy (responsibly) the climax. There were a few nay-sayers when Twenty20 first came to be with purists crying out all over the shop that Test cricket is the only form that matters. Sure, Test cricket is a superb spectacle but that doesn't mean we can enjoy 4 or 5 boundaries an over for a few hours does it? Of course not. So settle in and enjoy the ramp shots, the reverse sweeps and the unorthodox slower balls that make up this entertaining form of the sport we all love. Cricket. If you can't get enough of the cricket action then try this page which lists every single pub showing cricket - no matter what the format - in Australia.

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