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Here, on this very page, you will find a pub that is showing the tennis near you. You can see a list of tennis matches below click the one you want and then tell us where you are and just like that you will have a list of pubs near you showing tennis on their TVs. It is also completely possible to search by player name in the search bar above, give it a try. You could also head on over to our list of best pubs for tennis. There you are then that’s all you need to find a tennis pub and we didn’t even have to serve you up with a bunch of awful tennis puns. Ace. Game, set, MatchPint. 

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There are many reasons to watch tennis in a pub. Easier access to refreshments, you can speak during points and your neck doesn’t have to rotate to catch the action. Australians have fallen in love with Tennis over the years, thanks in no small part to the fact that we proudly host the best grand slam of the year. It has been a golden age of tennis with the likes of Federer, Nadal and Djokovic reigning supreme in the men’s competition and treating us to marathon tussles of endurance and skill. In the case of the Women’s, we have watched the Williams sisters, in particular, Serena dominate for the last decade. Now the baton is ready to be handed over to the next crop of tennis superstars.

For us Aussies will be the talented & polarising bad boy of twitter, Nick Kyrigos, to get us our next grand slam or will Ash Barty be our saviour? Well, who knows? You and I can’t control these things but what we can control is where we watch the match. So use this page to its full capacity to find the perfect watering hole to catch all the racquetball you can handle. Looking for great sports pubs close to the Open itself? Try this page of the best sports bars in Melbourne.

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