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Use this page to find pubs showing AFL matches near you. Click on any of the fixtures below and then search by location to find the perfect watering hole for you and your mates to catch the action. You can also search by the team in the search bar above or if you are looking for some guaranteed atmosphere head on over to our best pubs showing AFL to see a list of our current favourite venues to smash a pint and watch footy.

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Australian Rules

Australian rules footy is our nation's game. Invented in Melbourne in the 1850s as a way of keeping fit during the cricket offseason the game has gone on to be Australia’s most popular sport in terms of attendance and viewing figures. We just love the atmosphere in pubs during the footy. You have your mates around chatting about their predictions, the beers are in and the Bruce McAvaney is blasting through the speakers, woof. There you will be watching your boys or girls go-round on a Saturday afternoon, you have ordered the steak sandwich with a pint of draught which arrives just as the umpire slams the ball into the ground for the first bounce. Your club’s ruckman deftly flicks the ball to your star midfielder who breaks a tackle, bursts forward, lowers the eyes and hits your full forward on the chest 40m out dead in front. Bruce has gone nuts and your mate Chipsy, who supports your rival club, has spilt his beer. You don’t know it yet but this could be as good as it ever gets. All that’s standing between you and this experience is finding a pub. To do this just head out your front door and walk aimlessly until you find a pub or of course you could click on the fixtures below, it's entirely up to you mate. Victorians in need of another shortcut try the best sports bars in Melbourne page.

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