Best Sports Bars & Pubs in South Yarra

The best places to watch live sport in South Yarra can be found on this page. South Yarra has recently been voted the best suburb in Melbourne to live in. We think this list has a lot to do with that reputation. Click the links below to see which fixtures the great pubs of South Yarra are showing. If you are after pubs showing specifics sports try pages like our pubs showing tennis page or why not our pubs showing golf? This is what we do. We help you find pubs that show sport. 

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South Yarra

Maybe that’s what all the people doing ‘chaps laps’ are actually searching for...sports bars. All this time we thought it was showboating. Well ‘lap’ no more sports fans as here is the only tool you will need to find the best sports bars in South Yarra. To soak up all that South Yarra has to offer in one day just get there for brunch, buy yourself a designer shirt, use MatchPint to find a pub for the game and then (kick on post famous victory) to a nightclub and see how well said shirt performs. Easy.