Pubs Showing Brisbane Lions Live on TV

The Brisbane Lions have a spiritual home, Fitzroy in Melbourne, and a physical home, Brisbane in the north of Australia. If you happen to be in either of those places, or anywhere in Australia for that matter, looking for somewhere showing the Brisbane Lions game then you can easily see on our homepage when they are playing next by searching 'Brisbane Lions' in the bar at the top of the page. If you're looking for a pub with a specific Brisbane Lions lean then check out the list below. Click on a pub to see more info about it. There you'll be able to see exactly where the bar is, the fixtures they are showing, whether the commentary will be on and any special offers they're running.

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Brisbane Lions

The Brisbane Lions football club was formed in 1996 when the Fitzroy Lions (from Melbourne’s inner northern suburbs) and the Brisbane bears merged to form the Brisbane Lions. The Lions then went onto become one of the more successful clubs and managed to win three premierships in a row (2001, 2002, 2003). The colours of the club are a throwback their Fitzroy days with the club emblem also proudly displaying a lions head. This Lions head has had few different designs over the years including one which was so cartoonish it was dubbed the ‘paddle pop lion’ by fans. Bored yet? Great, well get down to the pub and watch the game. For a list of pubs showing live sport in Fitzroy itself try this page. 

Brisbane Lions

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