Best Sports Bars and Pubs showing Live Golf

For those of you looking for a bar to settle down in to watch one of the majors, the magic of the Ryder Cup or simply one of the great PGA tour events going on throughout the year, MatchPint is your perfect companion. We'll show the nearest pubs showing golf so you can enjoy every drive, chip or putt with a cold one in hand and some salted goods to munch on. Below is a list of some of our favourite places you can go to watch golf live on TV. Allow us to find you a great spot to catch it in, after all, we are Australia's No. 1 sports pub finder. If you are doing this search on the run and prefer the joyous simplicity and functionality of an app then just download it here.  

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When it comes to the best sports to watch live in a pub we think Golf is the quiet achiever. Sure the football codes lend themselves heavily to a sesh at the local but we can tell you this for certain, Golf at the pub is immense. Pitch yourself up with a vessel of your favourite beverage and watch the final round of a major with your mates and tell us you are not having fun, we will wait. There is the added bonus of being able to order every hole's result as a shot. Next time you are at one of these venues ask for an albatross, trust me. Right so now you know what to order just have a squizz at the pubs below and get down there to enjoy the most frustrating sport in the world to play but the easiest to watch in a pub. None of these great pubs close to you? Never fear, use this page of all pubs showing golf to find something a little closer to home. 


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