Best Sports Bars & Pubs showing UFC

Here it is! The definitive list of the best pubs for UFC live in Australia. It can sometimes be tough to find the right venue showing the whole UFC card live and loud with a good atmosphere. Look no further, this list of UFC sports bars will be just what the doctor ordered. Love a bit of combat in all its forms? Check out our list of pubs showing boxing on TV.

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There are few things more thrilling than watching a couple of well-matched gladiators going toe to toe in the octagon, in the midst of a packed-out sports pub. That's why we've compiled this handy list of what we think are the best places to be whenever there's a big UFC night on the cards. Click each venue to find out a little more about it - where it is, what type of facilities and crucially, which events they'll be showing live in the coming weeks.

Got a taste for the best boozers around? Check out our list of the best pubs for boxing whilst you're at it.

Crafty Squire

Crafty Squire

The Crafty is a great place to watch almost any sport and they are big on UFC. Not only is this place a pub but it is the CBD's only micro brewery. So if you are looking for a fresh beer and some good atmosphere for the fight, you have found the right place. Parma's, steaks and burgers all available as expected!